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BASF is implementing a USEPA-approved Ecological Risk Assessment plan for the site. Much of the contamination has already been removed or contained (see the History page of this website), and the level and scope of groundwater contamination in and around the site have been greatly reduced (click on the video link for more information).


The off-site former drive-in movie property, which has been sold, and the five former residential lots owned by BASF will be sold with restrictions prohibiting future residential use of those properties. One residence to the southeast is grandfathered for residential use for the lifetime of current owners. 


The cleanup project was completed in December of 2022. BASF is moving ahead to complete additional work and prepare the site for productive reuse. The goal of the remediation program is to clean up the site so that it can be reused in a way that is beneficial to the Plainville community.


Monitoring of groundwater contamination continues. BASF anticipates that much of the contamination will continue to break down over the next 6 to 9 months. Residual groundwater contamination poses NO risk to the Town of Plainville’s public drinking water.


In order to eliminate direct contact with impacted soil and eliminate migration of materials of concern, namely PCBs, metals, and volatile organic compounds in soil and in compliance with federal and state requirements, BASF removed all remaining soils with PCBs in concentrations above 100 parts per million, and has capped residual soils with lower sub-surface levels of PCBs or cadmium. A small amount of low-level uranium located four or more feet below the ground surface remains on the site with the appropriate compliant cover and poses no measurable health and safety risk due to the lack of direct contact or exposure.


Upon completion, BASF will issue a summary report and file an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) document specifying restrictions on how the land can be used in the future. The AUL will not allow for residential use of the site.


As we move forward, BASF will continue working to ensure that ongoing operations, monitoring and maintenance are performed in an environmentally responsive manner. Throughout this process, BASF’s priority is ensuring the health and safety of the Plainville community. We will remain focused on the concerns of the Town and its residents as we undertake the final stages of remediation work.

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